Complementary Ecological Service

by our experts

Removal of Plastic

Take advantage of our expertise – choose the recommended solution: Removal of plastic to a licensed handling site 

Recycling of Plastic

Pick the perfect solution for the care and recycling of plastic products that do not degrade for decades and sometimes not for hundreds of years

Treatment of contaminated equipment

Equipment that comes into contact with hazardous materials and may leave traces and cause harm to humans, impact upon nature or cause damage to property is considered as being designated for destruction or purification

Handling of Hard Empty Packaging

Efficient and professional handling of packaging and containers of all types of materials and sizes and in any quantity! 

Transport of Hazardous Materials

Let the experts carry out the removal of hazardous waste for you, from your premises to a site that is legally authorized to carry out professional handling

Recycling of Batteries

Your choice of the Ecology Services battery recycling services is a healthy choice because it prevents soil contamination and preserves the drinking water of us all

Removal and Treatment of Laboratory Waste

Standard, rapid and efficient disposal of biological, chemical or radioactive waste and hazardous waste from laboratories 

Handling of soft empty packaging

Innovative technology at Ecology Services that is a global innovation in the field of the treatment of soft packaging! 

The Ecology Services Company was established in 1992 and, since then, the company has been working tirelessly for the environment in the field of industry. The company has the most advanced and unique technological plant in the world for the treatment, recycling and recovery of hazardous materials, sludge and industrial waste. The company operates under strict guidelines and definitions, while adhering to the ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and OHSAS 18001 procedures.

Our environmental experts are at your service

for the formation of a sustainable industry

A team to accompany and formulate the environmental mantle needed for your organization in the 21st century

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Protarum Acre

Products are just some of the challenges facing modern manufacturers


Products are just some of the challenges facing modern manufacturers