Sludge Treatment

Professional and effective treatment of industrial sludge!

Sludge is one of the harmful causes of soil and water sources pollution in Israel (along with wastewater and effluent).

Sludge is a by-product of the wastewater treatment process in various industries such as:
The printing and metal industry. Industrial sludge is formed in the process of industrial wastewater treatment and contains hazardous substances.
The sludge contains metals, pathogens (the causes of diseases), synthetic materials, organic / inorganic materials, and is defined as an environmental and economic nuisance by law.

A distinction is mainly made between organic sludge (which contains, for example, paint, oil or some organic solvent) and inorganic sludge (which contains mainly metals).

What can be derived from the sludge?

By treating sludge, it can be transformed using advanced treatment technologies into a raw material or fuel so that can be reused.
The sludge undergoes processes of drying, filtration and recovery of organic solvents and becomes a product in itself that can be exported abroad as a recycled raw material or as fuel for heating / energy production (transformation).

Sludge treatment begins with transport that depends on how the customer stores the sludge (barrels, big bags, or cubes) and the level of complexity.

After collection, the sludge is transferred for treatment to the Ecology Services plant, where the sludge undergoes receiving and sorting, which includes weighing, categorizing and registering the sludge.

The first stage in sludge treatment is called stabilization.

In the stabilization process, the contaminants present in the sludge are neutralized and the concentration thereof is lowered until the sludge is safe for further processing.
At the end of the treatment, the sludge residue is transferred to an authorized or routed end site for reuse as fuel or as a raw material, in Israel or abroad.

During the sludge treatment at the Ecology Services factory, the sludge is conveyed for filtering and drying in a special filter press.
During the process of filtering and drying the sludge, its weight and volume are reduced by up to about 70% (depending on the composition of the sludge) due to the removal of the liquids from it.
The reduction in volume and weight facilitates the continued treatment of sludge which now requires fewer resources for transportation and storage, leading to energy and financial savings for both the customer and the other parties involved in the process.
After the drying process, the sludge is transported to a suitable end site.

The Ecology Services company uses the world’s most advanced technologies for filtering, drying and reconstituting sludge and specializes in providing a professional service for treating industrial sludge and all other types of waste for its customers.

With more than two decades of experience, the Ecology Services company is a leader in the field of industrial waste recycling in Israel and ensures a cleaner and greener future!

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