Removal and Treatment of Laboratory Waste

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Standard, rapid and efficient removal of chemical waste, and hazardous waste from laboratories.

A dedicated vehicle arrives at your premises to collect and dispose of a variety of types of laboratory waste in your possession.

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We provide solutions for school laboratories, factories and industrial sites and dispose of hazardous laboratory materials of the following types for them:

  • Chemical waste
  • Polluted equipment
  • Empty packaging
  • Sharp and / or brittle waste

Our experienced staff will guide you on how to pack, store and control the waste until we arrive to remove it.

For your convenience, following are some general guidelines for storing waste:

  • It is recommended to mark the packages according to their contents.
  • Solids and liquids must be separated in storage / packaging
  • In the case of glass bottles, the spaces between them must be padded before packaging.

We are always happy to be at your disposal, to give advice and help – to enable you to work in peace of mind.

Before ordering, consult with us