Total waste management

A process that turns waste into a resource
Fully managed

Comprehensive waste management is the key to a greener and healthier environment for the future. Ecology Services provides full management of the process – from collection to recycling. Contact us for consultation and more details!

Inclusive waste
management is key to a greener and healthier environment for the future. Ecology services offer full management of the process – from the collection stage to the cycle stage. Contact us for advice and more details!

The right time to discover a comprehensive solution for the management and treatment of industrial waste of all types, which includes meeting all the customer’s needs under one roof. Total waste management (Total Waste Management) includes all the stages of the process of treating industrial waste from the moment it is created until the moment it undergoes final treatment (recycling, destruction, landfill, incineration, or export).

Total waste management is a service in itself that allows the customer to be more relaxed and let the experts manage the process efficiently, safely and in an ecological and economical way as possible.

Our team takes responsibility and manages the entire process of handling all types of waste from start to finish!

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As part of “waste management” services, we also provide support in the event of an incident related to Homs.

While this service is extremely essential for wastes consisting of hazardous substances overall waste management which is a perfect solution also for the treatment of non-hazardous wastes.

Our professional team will monitor the entire project and make sure that the entire process is carried out in accordance with the strictest regulations, at maximum savings and while maintaining the quality of the environment and the principles of the 4R.

Ecology Services Company is considered the third largest company in Israel for the treatment and overall management of industrial waste and hazardous materials.
Ecology services provides companies and factories with waste treatment, removal, shredding and drying services of all types and in all fields.
The evacuation and treatment is done using vehicles with a standard and license from the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Transportation, as are all other facilities operating in the service of the company.

Ecology services company, provides technical and creative solutions while maintaining the highest safety, service and quality principles.

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שינוע והובלה
אריזה מחודשת

אנרגיה- דלק, נפט, גז, חשמל

מזון ומשקאות



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