Ecology Services

Since 1992, when the Ecology Services company was established, the company has been working for the environment that affects all of us, in the field of industry. You benefit from removal, treatment and destruction services of hazardous or toxic waste and hazardous materials.

Call (072) 338-5504 and one of our expert will accompany you and adapt a basket of ecological industrial solutions anywhere round the country ?

Choose the relevant service, whether you need a recycling, disposal or proper, efficient and safe solution for industrial waste.

Sludge Treatment

Handling and recycling of empty packaging

Disposal of Plastic – used packaging and containers

Solid and Liquid Waste Removal

Comprehensive Waste Management

Hazardous Materials Transportation

All the authorizations
For professional work

We operate under the relevant laws and regulations.

◎ ISO 9001 standard
◎ ISO 14001 standard
◎ OHASA 18001 standard
◎ Toxin permit

As a leading waste treatment company, we have adopted the method used in Europe for waste treatment, which operates according to the 4R principles


Reduce & Reuse

The waste is reduced in advance (Reduce) – when using a material or product,
The waste is designated for Reuse – reusable or innovative use of the same product.

Recycle & Recover

The waste undergoes a Recycling process – processing of material that leads to savings in raw material, The waste undergoes a Recovery process – turning waste into energy.

Environmental innovation


To fulfill an environmental vision

For us at Ecology Services, the waste landfill solution is a last priority and we have the advanced technologies for implementing the 4R principle in order to avoid burying waste in a landfill.

The laboratory

Hand in glove with progress
Thanks to science

The laboratory serves as a research and development center for innovative recycling technologies. Our chemical lab is managed and supervised by the company’s chemists

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Factory address: Habonim 6 Kiryat Gat.

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