Destruction of Fluorescent Light Bulbs

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The treatment process is carried out at a dedicated facility for the treatment of fluorescent bulbs.
As part of the process, the bulbs are individually inserted into a machine and shredded – in a safe, efficient and professional manner.
The toxic fumes are pumped out and transferred for appropriate treatment. The shredded glass is routed to a landfill.

The bulbs are received from customers contained in a drum / double drum or in crates.

Although fluorescent bulbs are environmentally friendly in terms of energy savings, they contain gases – hazardous substances. After using the bulb, it must be treated at a special facility. If a fluorescent bulb breaks, gases that are hazardous to health and the environment are released immediately.

Fluorescent bulbs are considered popular bulbs which, due to the low consumption of electricity, are found in the home, office and virtually everywhere.

The most toxic substance in fluorescent bulbs is mercury.

Mercury is known to be a toxic and dangerous substance to man.

Prolonged inhalation of this substance may cause irreversible damage.

Neon bulbs also contain a hazardous substance – neon gas.

Although this substance is slightly less dangerous than mercury, it should also be used with caution.

In order to prevent pollution of the environment and actual harm to humans, appropriate care must be taken. When we remove and treat these materials, we take care to separate the dangerous gases at the base of the bulbs and the glass that surrounds them.

It is advisable to transfer the glass to authorized end sites that are designed and certified to absorb this type of waste.

It is worth noting that this process not only tangibly protects humans and the environment, but also reduces the volume of glass in the landfill by up to 80 percent!

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