About Us

Ecology Services operates a transit station for hazardous and industrial waste. The company provides a wide range of industrial and hazardous waste treatment technologies in a professional, Personal and effective way.

We specialize in processing and reclaming organic And inorganic sludge, washing and recycling empty containers using advanced technology and neutralizing and processing Industrial waste.

Additionally, we provide logistic services such as: transporting, interim storage, chemical analysis, hazardous materials storage.

Ecology Services maintains commercial and export relationships with suppliers and customers in Europe and United States in order to reduce landfil.

We operate under the ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 guidelines and the regulations of the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The company employs about 35 people and is under the management of Mr. Alex Mangold – Owner & CEO.

Ecology services is a proud member of The Israel Science and Technology Directory