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“Ecology Services” – A plant for the recycling and treatment of industrial waste.

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The Ecology Services Company was established in 1992 and, since then, the company has been working for the benefit of the environment in the field of industry.

The company has an advanced and the most unique technological plant in the world for the treatment, recycling and recovery of hazardous materials, sludge and industrial waste.

The company operates under strict guidelines and definitions, while meticulously adhering to the ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and OHSAS 18001 procedures.

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Chemical Laboratory and R&D Department

The chemical laboratory of the Ecology Services company constitutes the foundation of the process of waste treatment and recycling, since the initial sorting process of the various wastes is carried out in the laboratory and the waste then is channeled for reuse, recycling, export or transfer to another authorized end site.

In addition, the laboratory serves as a research and development center for innovative recycling technologies.

Our chemical laboratory is managed and supervised by the company’s chemists.

The Laboratory

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We assist hundreds of companies and organizations in realizing the 21st century environmental vision for the future of us all.

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