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Do you want to “get rid” of the quantities of industrial waste at your plant, in a standard manner and in compliance with the law? Do you want to minimize environmental damage during disposal?
Let the experts carry out the removal of industrial waste for you directly from your site to the authorized disposal site, whether for burying in a landfill site or for recycling, all under the strict supervision of personnel from the Authority or the professional companies for the removal of industrial waste that will ensure that, during the various stages, the strict regulations established by law in the field of removal of industrial waste are observed

Industrial waste, unlike food waste that is degraded by microorganisms or even evaporation in the air, requires a special kind of treatment. The difference lies not only in the composition of the waste but also in the quantity. Every day, hundreds of thousands of tons of complex industrial waste accumulate in factories in Israel, from various materials such as iron alloys, glass, plastic, wood, paper, materials with a chemical composition, various liquids, etc.

Someone needs to take responsibility for the environment!

Types of industrial waste

Waste generated in the production process, Raw materials waste, Waste in various states, such as liquid waste or solid waste, etc.

In order to treat each of these industrial wastes, different means have to be used.

The Ecology Services company owns a transit station for industrial waste that covers 5,500 dunams. This vast area is designated for sorting and treatment of all types of waste coming from factories and industrial areas across the country.

At the transit station, unique technological facilities dismantle and neutralize the waste as needed.

Amongst the treatments carried out at the premises of the transit station:
Crushing industrial waste made of glass and treating fluorescent globes, sorting liquid industrial waste according to the materials and draining them to a dedicated container farm, storing materials and waste in storage areas until the treatment stage, etc.

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