“The Bride from Istanbul” – Handling Soft Empty Packaging

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Innovative technology in ecology services that is a global innovation in the field of handling soft packaging!

The bride from Istanbul – a machine into which empty, soft, dirty packaging (“big bags”, nylon packaging, etc.) are fed without prior treatment.

A machine that shreds, washes and produces clean raw material in small to large pieces that are destined for recycling.

The Bride from Istanbul is the first of its kind in the world and the only solution for contaminated soft packaging that is not destined for landfills.

This is a groundbreaking development of ecology services combining unique technologies from around the world.

To an article about the Bride from Istanbul on the Infospot website

The service is suitable for customers who use “Big Bag” bags and who are interested in handling them according to the provisions of the law.

Empty packaging that contains hazardous materials is not included under the Empty Packaging Law but is considered a hazardous material in itself.

Accordingly, even soft empty packaging requires custom-made care at an authorized site (such as the Ecology Services plant).

At the end of the unique treatment at Ecology Services, the shredded and washed material – is repurposed as a raw material for recycling.

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