Plastic recycling

Discover the efficient way to recycle plastic and deal with non-perishable products.
Take the perfect solution for the care and recycling of plastic products that do not decompose for decades and sometimes not for hundreds of years, while continuing to emit toxins into the soil and groundwater that endanger us and those that are dear to us.

According to data from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, plastic alone makes up a volume of 41% of all waste in the State of Israel!

Therefore, it can be seen that the only recommended solution is to recycle as much as possible and try to reduce the space that the plastic occupies as well as its damage to the environment. Here we enter the picture – the Ecology Services Company provides a professional solution for the recycling of plastics and reducing the volume thereof.

Plastic recycling by law

According to the “Collection and Disposal of Waste Recycling” Law which was enacted in 1993 and the “Waste Collection” Regulations which was enacted in 1998, there is an obligation to recycle plastic and plastic waste to the maximum.

Accordingly, we do our best to create a state of optimal recycling of plastic waste, to prevent and reduce environmental damage.

We take care of recycling the plastic in accordance with the requirements of the law and our worldview regarding the ecological necessity of the recycling process.

Plastic recycling for reuse

  • After we coordinate a date for a visit to your premises, we will collect the plastic and at this point we will start the sorting work. At the beginning of the recycling process, the plastic undergoes a sorting process so that it is separated into sub-categories, under the scrutiny of the company’s experts.
  • We then use a dedicated machine that thoroughly rinses the plastic packaging intended for recycling in order to clean them of any dust or dirt that they have accumulated while being used.
  • Next we organize the plastic for thorough shredding. We perform the shredding with the help of a dedicated and powerful shredder.
  • At the end of the shredding and recycling process, the plastic is clean and shredded, and can be used again for a variety of industries.

Recycled plastic is used for manufacturing in a variety of industries.

The types of plastic we recycle

  • Barrels
  • Jerry cans
  • Cubes
  • HDPE
  • Any plastic container that contained hazardous materials

We also handle plastic which is not recyclable.

In doing so, we direct the plastic to a site approved and supervised by the Authorities – after reducing its volume and significantly reducing its potential damage to the environment

Before ordering, consult with us