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The Ecology Services Company is a leader in the field of industrial waste recycling in Israel and uses state-of-the-art technologies developed by our plant engineers to process all types of waste destined for recycling.

The company’s vision is to reduce the amount of waste in the environment for a cleaner and greener future.
The issue of waste recycling has long been in the public consciousness all over the world. But there is still much room for improvement in the way waste is processed back into a state of raw material.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of tons of industrial waste accumulates in Israel alone – metal alloys, glass, plastic, wood, paper, hazardous chemicals, liquids, etc.

A large proportion of these substances can undergo treatment that will allow them to be recycled, which will reduce the amount of waste buried in a landfill and, as a result, will reduce the damage to the environment and the waste resulting from the loss of expensive raw materials.

The Waste Collection and Disposal Law was enacted in 1993 in Israel, followed by a series of orders and regulations from the Ministry of Environmental Protection regarding the recycling of industrial waste and plastic in particular.

Recycling of Plastic

Discover the efficient way to recycle plastic and deal with non-perishable products 

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Recycling of Batteries

Take care of each battery according to the most stringent standards on the market, and ensure an efficient and environmentally friendly process (pursuant to the provisions of the law).

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Waste electronics recycling

We provide our customers with the full range of services for the treatment of hazardous materials, including the recycling of electronic waste of all kinds (according to the law).

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The types of waste we recycle

  • Plastic – Used and / or contaminated packaging, “big-bag” bags, residues of raw materials suitable for the process of plastic recycling.
    The plastic is washed and neutralized of hazardous materials using unique technologies developed at the factory and shredded for reprocessing for use as a raw material.
  • Metal – Empty packaging that contained hazardous materials or any material, old, worn or damaged products, residues of raw materials suitable for metal recycling. The metal is neutralized and compressed and recycled to its raw state.
  • Isofer liquid – used in the printing industry – undergoes a cleaning and filtration process for reuse in industry.
  • Other wastes – solvents, lithium batteries, contaminated equipment, acids, contaminated packaging, medicines, pesticides and many other substances

Industrial waste recycling is the responsibility of us all. Make your plant green and environmentally friendly and contact us to plan your industrial waste recycling process today.

Together we will take care of a better future!

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