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Let the experts take care and eventually export the organic waste, that contains hazardous materials, abroad for transformation!

Your waste becomes energy and allows another neighborhood to benefit from light and available electrical energy.

This is a real win-win situation, because currently, in Israel, no hazardous waste is transformed and therefore it is transferred either to a landfill or for controlled burning, in accordance with the Dangerous Materials Law of 1993.

However, the waste is converted abroad and can be exported there in order to reduce costs.

Exports of waste and hazardous materials for transformation are carried out in accordance with the Basel Convention, to which 133 countries around the world, including Israel, are signatories.

This treaty was signed following the uncontrolled export of hazardous industrial waste to third world countries and the resultant damage.

The Convention is intended to enable these countries to recover.

Under the treaty, a state is allowed to export hazardous waste only to another state that is a signatory to the treaty, provided it has dedicated factories equipped to handle hazardous materials.

According to Israeli law, an individual or corporation is prohibited from trading in hazardous materials unless a special permit is issued by the Commissioner at the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

This permit is issued for export to the appropriate countries only.

It is estimated that every year about 20,000 tons of hazardous waste are exported from Israel.

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    Hazardous waste transformation is a sensitive process that requires appropriate equipment, certification and supervision. The hazardous waste is exported to the appropriate plants, which are located mainly in Europe subject to permits and permits. Special on behalf of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the State of Israel. The costs of treating hazardous materials for their transformation are lower abroad and in the end the export of waste there helps to preserve the environment because the same waste eventually undergoes conversion to green energy instead of harming the environment. Transformation Abroad.

    The separation of the organic liquid is done using unique technologies and waste of different types can be treated: aerosols (sprays), solvents, solvents, printing effluents, paints on an organic basis.