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When for various reasons, a product does not meet the pre-determined quality criteria, due to a technical malfunction (such as a manufacturing failure, improper storage conditions) or some human error and therefore the validity date expires, a regulated procedure known as the Destruction of Finished Goods or the Destruction of Defects must be carried out.
There are thousands of factories that produce millions of products every day. Among such products that are those that have an expiry date, a regulated date that indicates the period of time in which the product is recommended for use and is at the peak of its quality.

The parameters according to which the expiry date of the product is determined relate to the components of the product, the storage conditions of the product and how it is used. These products usually belong to the following categories: Food, medicines, food supplements, cosmetics, medical products and the like.

After the product line is inspected by the quality assurance department, if a product is found unfit for use for any reason (defective product, production surplus, unregulated licenses, non-receipt of export permits, etc.) and after the decision has been made to transfer the products to the finished goods destruction process, collection and gathering operations of the products is carried out and they are transported, using authorized vehicles, to the Ecology Services plant.

In the Ecology Services factory, the products undergo a preliminary sorting procedure that is categorized and adapted to the desired destruction operation, with close attention to the customer’s requirement and operational guidelines and procedures for orderly product destruction.

The operations are carried out by the most advanced technological means and the whole process is supervised so that the products will eventually not be able to return to the free market and / or end up into unwanted hands.

After carrying out the operation, the shredded or compressed waste is taken to an end point – a licensed landfill site when it is sorted according to categories: Dry, toxic, gray, etc.

There are often reports of defective products prohibited from distribution for various reasons that have reached the markets. The risks in such cases are extensive and destructive.

The cosmetics and food market are considered particularly hacked in this case.

Almost every day, cosmetics and food products that are candidates for destruction arrive on the markets, although their distribution has been banned for a variety of reasons – poor storage in the scorching sun, over-spraying or spraying with illegal substances, illegal imports, over-oxidation (creams for external use), etc.

Possible risks: Infection with bacteria, outbreaks of diseases, severe side effects and the like.

Dedicated and personal care for every factory and every business that seeks to treat waste or finished goods in its field while protecting and preserving the principles of the environment.

All employees of the company are professionals in the field and have the appropriate licenses to engage in the removal, treatment, storage and management of an interim station for the treatment of hazardous waste.

The treatment is carried out using the most innovative and unique technologies anywhere in the world.

All the means available to the company are approved by law.

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