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The Chemical Laboratory of the Ecological Services Company is at the basis of the waste treatment and recycling process, since the laboratory carries out the initial sorting and routing process for various reuse, recycling, export or transfer to another authorized end site.

In addition, the laboratory serves as a research and development center for innovative recycling technologies.

Our chemical laboratory is managed and supervised by the company’s chemists.

The Importance of the Laboratory

The chemistry laboratory and R&D center of the Ecology Services Company is the first station where the waste passes before treatment / recycling.

The laboratory conducts an initial test of the waste components using unique technologies for identification and sorting. These technologies
examine and profile the materials so that it is possible to know precisely what the options for handling them are.

If necessary, a sample of the materials can be collected at the source site before removal and tested in the laboratory.

In the case of laboratory waste, sorting is performed by a chemist.

The Processes Carried out in the Laboratory

In the initial sorting and filtering process. The materials that make up the waste are identified and separated into hazardous and non-hazardous
materials, which are handled differently.

Each material has a different recycling feasibility and the recyclable materials are sorted so that the most can be extracted from them.

For example, sludge (a by-product of processes in industrial plants or of sewage treatment) is sorted into organic sludge (which contains, for
example, paint, oil or some organic solvent) and inorganic sludge (containing mainly metals.)

The sludge can be converted using raw recycling technologies into raw material or fuel so that it can be transformed. The sludge undergoes a
process of drying, filtration and recovery of organic solvents and becomes a product in itself that can be exported as recycled raw material or as
fuel for heating / energy production (transformation).

The instruments in the chemical laboratory estimate the various properties of the materials, such as pH level, caloric value, feasibility of drying,
solution normalization, level of oxidants and more.

After the tests are performed, they can be assigned to the various handling processes with maximum efficiency.

Research and Development

Research and development of the chemical laboratory of an Ecological Services company is at the leading edge of the research and development
of recycling and treatment technologies for industrial waste.

The laboratory develops equipment and materials that improve the waste treatment system, increase utilization and clean the environment of
hazardous materials, which would otherwise go into landfill and pollute the environment.

When needed, the laboratory chemist can provide a professional R&D solution for factories that need waste treatment and help plan the appropriate
treatment stages and transportation.

The laboratory helps fulfill our vision for a greener and cleaner future, every day anew.