“Elizabeth” – handling of rigid empty waste packages

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“Elizabeth” – handling of rigid empty waste packages

Many materials arrive at factories in packaging that, after use, is turned into waste.

Many discarded packages and containers contain residues of hazardous substances, which can cause harm to humans and the environment that come in contact with them.

Packages and containers that we collect at your site are transferred to an approved transit station where they are treated and processed in order to neutralize the hazardous materials in them, so that they will no longer pose a danger and can be processed for reuse as a raw material. Appropriate neutralization and rinsing technologies are used for this purpose.

The process itself consists of the following steps:

Removal of the waste packaging from the customer and receiving at the factory.

Sorting, classification and registration. Separate rinsing according to the sorting. Grinding into flakes. Compression to reduce the volume. Transfer to recycling.

The Ecology Services Company has a lateral manager authorization for handling empty waste packaging.

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