Solid and liquid waste disposal

Solid and liquid waste removal is the specialty of Ecology Services. We provide high-quality waste disposal services while ensuring a greener and healthier environment for the future. Contact us for consultation and more details!

Let the experts carry out solid and liquid waste disposal for you in a way, efficiently and according to all standards!

We will transport your glass waste and treat it professionally, thus reducing the environmental damage today!

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Take advantage of our expertise – Choose the recommended solution: plastic removal to an authorized treatment site.

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Removal of oils utilized for lubrication, insulation or oils from used filters.

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Chemical waste, contaminated equipment, packaging, sharp and brittle waste, biological waste and any waste that should not remain in the laboratory are removed.

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Proper, professional and legal disposal of metal waste and invalid products will contribute to the environment and create a safe work environment

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Let the experts carry out industrial waste disposal for you directly from your site to the authorized site whether for landfill or recycling

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Export waste in the most professional and sensitive way using the necessary equipment and with close supervision.

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Evacuation, replacement and maintenance of a filter to maximize the potential of the systems in the organization.


With the increase in population and the increase in the standard of living, there has been an increase in Israel of about 5% per year, in the amount of waste, and especially in the industrial waste that is created in factories and large companies.
In 1993, the Waste Collection and Disposal for Recycling Law entered into force, under which regulations and orders of the Ministry of Environmental Protection were established, as well as waste recycling targets in industry.
Each type of industrial waste has the most suitable mode of treatment, storage, transport and recycling for it.
Large parts of the industrial waste contain dangerous and polluting substances that require special treatment by qualified professionals, as well as licenses and permits.

Recycling and efficient waste treatment first of all starts with proper storage.
The purpose of this storage is to enable correct and professional sorting of the waste to enable maximum recycling while maintaining security and minimal interaction between materials.
Proper separation of materials is essential for recycling, but also contributes significantly in reducing the volume and amount of waste intended for landfill.

Read more about some of the methods we use to sort the waste.

This separation is of the highest quality and is carried out in a limited area.
The company’s chemists are helped by skilled workers who have received comprehensive professional training, separating waste that can be recycled from that that cannot be recycled.
This separation is especially important when dealing with mixed waste and is used in quite a few cases as a complement to the operation of the machines.

Is there a limit on the amount to be evacuated?
We handle with the same seriousness and professionalism any amount intended for evacuation.
In addition, we also provide storage services if necessary.
All this so that the waste does not take up unnecessary space in your factory and according to the strict requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

We store all types of materials in coordination with you and according to the requirements of the law.Regarding hazardous materials, it is worth noting that the law states that waste from a small Homs manufacturer (which produces less than 50 tons of hazardous materials per year), can be stored for up to a period of three months in a transit station.

Regarding a large Homs waste producer (producing over 50 tons of hazardous waste per year), up to 45 days can be stored at the transit station.

As a company committed to the highest international standards, we at Ecology Services provide removal and neutralization services for aerosol containers.
With the help of the most advanced technology, expressed in leading technical equipment, our company has a machine that takes care of efficient drainage of the tanks for maximum pumping.

We drain the dangerous gas from the tanks uniquely and then compress the tanks that are put into circulation.
To complete the process, we transfer the liquids for treatment at a site authorized and supervised by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and we transfer the metal for recycling.

Each manufacturer or importer has products that have been found to be invalid or have expired.
The food, pharmaceutical and cleaning industries are only a small part of the industries dealing with defective or counterfeit products that require destruction.
There are also smuggled products required by the authorities to undergo destruction.
We at Ecology Services provide a complete solution, and we will make sure that your goods do not spill back into the market.
We also provide certificates attesting to the destruction of the products and upon your request we will also provide images attesting to this.

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