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The Ecology Services Company has adopted the method used in Europe for waste treatment, which operates according to the 4R principles and has developed advanced technologies to implement the principles in order to avoid burying waste in landfills.

From the point of view of Ecology Services, burying waste in a landfill site is always the last priority.

REDUCE – Reduction in the production of waste and a reduction in the volume and weight of waste

The Ecology Services plant receives inorganic industrial sludge and dries it with modern technologies that reduce the weight of the waste by up to about 70%
of its original weight.

The sludge arrives at the plant from many different industries, such as: Metal plating (contains metals such as – copper, nickel, etc.), the printing industry, etc.
Some of the reduction technologies were imported (filter-press, sludge dryer) and some were developed and built by the company’s engineers.

REUSE – Washing packaging and supplying it for reuse in industry and reuse of water from the drying process

The plant receives empty packaging containing hazardous materials.
Treatment is effected according to the test results
Empty packaging types: Drums – 200 liters, laboratory bottles, Jerry cans, IBC cubes, Big Bags.

The company has various technologies for rinsing the packaging according to their types and the material they contained.
The reusable packaging is not transferred to the food industries but only to the chemical or other industries.

The percentage of reusable packaging from the types stipulated above is about 35% of all the packaging received and the rest of the packaging is recycled.

RECYCLE – Product processing for the purpose of re-manufacturing

Waste recycling – Ecology Services receives a wide range of waste in which processing is carried out with different technologies that bring the material to
a state of readiness for recycling.

The types of materials that are treated and recycled are:
Plastic packaging – drums, Jerry cans, IBC cubes and Big Bags.
Metal packaging – drums, aerosols, dismantling of facilities.

The treatment of some materials such as plastic is rinsing and shredding and transfer for further treatment in the plastic industry.
Washing and compacting metal packaging and transfer to smelting at metal recycling plants.

RECOVER – Turning waste into energy

Ecology Services receives organic waste with a high caloric value that is used as a raw material for energy production.

The types of materials used as a basis for such raw materials are extremely diverse, both from industry and the private sector. For example: Aerosol
sprays of all kinds (pest control, perfumes, air purifiers, etc.), organic based paints, solvents, printing effluents.

By means of technologies, the company is able to neutralize and separate the organic liquid inside the sprays and transfer the metal (empty packaging)
to metal recycling. The company transports the liquid as a raw material for the production of electricity and steam.

The company’s technologies also filter printing effluent and separate the dyes (pigments) from the organic liquid.

The clean liquid is exported as a substitute for diesel fuel – for heating and the organic pigments are transferred as a raw material for burning and generating
electricity and steam. The amount of materials / waste transferred to the RECOVER process is constantly increasing thanks to the “extraction” technologies
at the transit station and today stands at about +28% per annum.