Solid and liquid waste

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With population growth and increase in the standard of living in Israel, there has been significant growth in the amount of waste, mainly industrial waste created in factories and major corporations. In recent years, the rate of growth stands at about 5% a year. In 1993, the Collection and Disposal of Waste for Recycling Law 1993 came into effect. The law set forth regulations and orders of the Ministry of Environmental Protection as well as objectives for the recycling of waste in industry. Each type of industrial waste has its own specially-suited method of handling, storage, transport and recycling. Large portions of industrial waste contain hazardous, pollutant materials requiring special treatment by certified professionals, as well as licenses and permits.


The Ecology Services facility is authorized to handle hazardous waste and provides collection and treatment services to factories and companies throughout Israel.

Our services include:


Sorting waste

Efficient treatment and recycling begin with proper storage. The aim of this storage is to enable proper, professional sorting of the waste, and to enable maximum recycling while maintaining safety and the least possible interaction among materials. Correct separation of materials is vital for recycling; however, it also contributes significantly to reducing the volume and amount of waste designated for burial. Read more about some of the methods we use in sorting waste.


Manual sorting supervised by company chemists

This separation is of the highest quality and is carried out within a limited area. The company’s chemists are assisted by skilled workers who have undergone comprehensive professional training. This team sorts the waste, separating the recyclable from the non-recyclable. This sorting is especially important when dealing with mixed waste, and is used in quite a few cases to complement the work of the machines.



Is there a limit to amounts for disposal?

We treat every amount designated for disposal with the same seriousness and professionalism. In addition, we provide storage services, if needed. All of this in order that the waste should not take up costly space in your facility, and according to the stringent requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.



We store all types of material in coordination with the customer and in compliance with the law. With regard to hazardous materials, it should be noted that the law determines that waste of small producers of hazardous materials (producing less than 50 tons of hazardous materials a year) may be stored for a period of up to three months at a transit station. With regard to large producers of hazardous materials (producing over 50 tons of hazardous waste per year), they may store for up to 45 days at the transit station.


Treatment and neutralization of aerosol (spray) cans

As a company committed to the highest international standards, we at Ecology Services provide disposal and neutralization services for aerosol cans. Using the most advanced technology, manifested in state-of-the-art equipment, our company has a machine for effective draining of the cans, for the purpose of maximum pumping.

We empty the hazardous gas from the cans using a unique method, and then compact the cans designated for recycling. To complete the process, the liquids are transferred for treatment at an authorized site, supervised by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the metal is transferred to recycling


Destruction of finished products

Every manufacturer or importer has products that are either defective or expired. The food, pharmaceutical and cleaning industries are just a few of the industries that deal with faulty or fake products that need to be destroyed. The customs authorities require that certain smuggled products be destroyed as well. We at Ecology Services provide a full solution, to make sure that your merchandise does not trickle back into the market. In addition, we provide certification of the products’ destruction and by your request will even provide pictures to prove it.


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