Sludge Treatment

.(Industrial hazardous sludge is one of the main causes of land and water sources pollution in Israel (in addition to sewage and effluents

What is sludge?

Sludge is a byproduct of wastewater treatment processes in various industries such as the printing and metal industries. Industrial sludge is generated during the process of treating industrial waste and contains dangerous substances. Sludge contains metals, pathogens (disease-causing elements), synthetic materials and organic materials, and is defined by law as an economic and .environmental hazard
.(We can define two types of sludge: organic sludge (containing paint, oil or any organic solvent) and inorganic sludge (containing mostly metals

What can we make from it?

By using advanced treatment technologies, the sludge can be turned into raw material or fuel, so that it can be reused. Sludge undergoes drying processes, filtering and reclaiming organic solvents, thus turning it into a product in its own right which can be exported abroad.

In Ecology Services, due to the separation of the fluid from the sludge and by using the best technologies of filtering (filter press) and drying, we manage to reduce the weight and volume by up to 90% (depending on the composition of the sludge). Reducing the volume and weight of the sludge makes its later treatment easier and requires less resources to transport and store it, leading to energy and money saving both to customers and other parties involved in the process.

Following these processes the dried sludge is treated in the end treatment facility.

In the case of organic sludge, both the solids and the liquids are recovered.