Despite being known for its slow decomposition, plastic is an indispensable material in many different industries.
Therefore, the main goal of treating plastics packages is to reduce its volume and the damage caused to the environment through its continued use.
The only recommended solution is to recycle plastic at an authorized treatment facility that specializes in handling plastics, and this is where we enter the picture.
Ecology Services provides professional solutions for the whole range of services under the same roof.

Ecology Services provides recycling solution for plants that holds contaminated empty plastic and metal packages such as: jerrycans, drums, IBC and big bags.

The process

From the moment there is no use for plastics and / or plastic and metal packages, they take up lots of space at your facility. When they were used to hold hazardous materials, you need to tranfer them to an authorised facility at advanced.

We will collect the empty packages quickly and professionally; thus, the moment you order you can expect to see our trucks at your site within just two business days.


We are geared towards collecting and transport of empty packages- metal and plastic on any scale.

Whether a large or small order, you may rest assured knowing we will handle it with the utmost professionalism.

Method of disposal

When we encounter material that cannot be recycled, our main task is to reduce its volume, so that its burial may be as environmentally friendly as possible.

We thus place emphasis on the cleanliness of the package, and shredding it to minimum volume.

After this, we load the shredded plastic onto a truck for burial at an authorized site by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

We will be glad to present you with every certification attesting to this, to ensure your peace of mind and our professionalism.

Legal matters

When collecting these packages, it is important to work in full cooperation with the relevant authorities.

We therefore work according to the Packaging Management Law 2011, to ensure a high level of quality and care for the environment while performing efficient burial at legally approved sites. Therefore, when you order our services you not only help your business and the environment, you are also abiding by the law.

You may thus rest assured and proceed with your normal work routine.

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