Expired products destruction

In Israel, many importers & factories produce millions of products every day. Most products are stamped with an expiry date until which the product can be used and is at its best. The products validity period is determined by parameters related to its ingredients, storage conditions and how it is used.

These products generally are under the following categories: food, medicine, food supplements, cosmetics, medical products etc. Whenever a product does not meet the predetermined quality criteria, whether due to a technical failure (such as a production failure or inadequate storage conditions) or to any human error and thus expires, the product undergoes a regulated process known as the destruction of expired products.

In Ecology Services, the products undergo screening sorting to the type of treatment required such as grinding, shredding, compressing etc.
These operations are performed by advanced technological means and the whole process is supervised to prevent the possibility of the product eventually returning either to the market and /or to the wrong hands.