Authorization Manager Request Form

Authorization Manager Request Form

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Authorization by a manager is required for the transfer of waste that has been defined as hazardous to a recycling or treatment plant.

In order to obtain such an authorization, an application form for authorization by a manager will be required.

The form includes the following details:

  • Name of the applicant factory
  • The private company number of the business
  • Toxins permit – you can learn about the toxins permit here.
  • The type of permit requested (renewal / first license approval).
  • The type of hazardous waste and composition of the waste (the number in the European catalog).
  • The source of the hazardous waste (the process from which the waste is generated).
  • The annual quantity of the waste destined for recycling.
  • The final destination of the hazardous waste.
  • The type of treatment requested (recycling, refining, incineration, etc.).
  • How to dispose of waste residues.

Relevant files

Download the Manager Authorization Request Form